Apostle Attorney Pam Archibald

Apostle Pam Archibald, Attorney at Law


Attorney, author, consultant, legal analyst, and minister, Dr. Pam Crowder-Archibald, was licensed to preach by Dr. Warren Stewart, Jr., of First Institutional Baptist Church, in 1998.  Dr. Archibald was ordained in 2001 by Apostle Kim Daniels, of Kimberly Daniels Ministries Internationally, and Spoken Word Ministries in Jacksonville Florida.  In 2010, Dr. Archibald was commissioned as a Marketplace Apostle by Bishop Jackie Green and Apostle Ivory Hopkins.  Dr. Archibald has ministered and served under many apostles and prophets such as Apostle Kimberly Daniels, Bishop Jackie Green, Apostle Ivory Hopkins, Dr. Kingsley Fletcher, and others.

 Dr. Archibald has practiced law in several states for the past 18 years and is also a former Assistant Attorney General.  Dr. Archibald has represented hundreds of clients in various areas of law, and has litigated many jury trials successfully in her legal career.  Dr. Archibald literally takes God’s law and presence in the court room, and has boldly acknowledged her faith as a Christian attorney.

Dr. Archibald’s call in ministry is in healing and deliverance (Mark 16); spiritual warfare; city transformation; the apostolic and prophetic; marketplace ministries; and the anointing of God’s
laws.  For many years, Dr. Archibald has traveled across the United States and internationally to preach, teach, and, minister healing and deliverance (casting out demons) to people who are held in bondage to forces of darkness.

Dr. Archibald is the owner and senior attorney of The Law Offices of Pam Crowder Archibald, PLLC, and she believes through Christ, that she will open law/ministry offices in several cities to offer legal advice and deliverance ministry. During the years of practicing law and deliverance ministry, Dr. Archibald has discovered that behind many legal problems are spiritual warfare issues.  Moreover, Dr. Archibald is also the founder of real estate investment companies, Green Pastures Properties, LLC, and Anathoth Enterprises, LLC;  Dr. Archibald is also the founder of the ministry, Wealth Builders Christian Enterprises,  LLC., which is a
company designed to teach the Body of Christ to walk in Godly Wealth. She is also founder and Pastor of the ministries under  Freedom Deliverance Center, Inc.,a ministry to bring Healing in Deliverance to those held captive by demonic strongholds;  and Blood, Fire, and Smoke Miracle Ministries, Inc., which is a ministry to bring signs and wonders to the marketplace.

Dr. Archibald is founder and president of The Ministry of Christian Legal Defense, Inc.  The
corporation’s theme is:  From the Court Room to the Throne Room, Jesus Christ is Lord.”  The corporation’s mission and vision is to defend the Body of Christ against all forms of legal attacks.  The goal is to provide much needed legal representation to nonprofit religious corporations in areas such as:  contract drafting; property leasing; employment concerns; franchising; clergy malpractice; “Christian slander”; personal injury concerns; mediation, and much more.

Dr. Archibald also teaches legal courses to churches and ministries in topics such as lawsuit protection, sexual misconduct, trademark and copyright infringement protection, and much, much more. Dr. Archibald is the co-founder, with business partner Dwann Olsen-Holmes, of Economic Crisis Management Corporation, Inc. The corporation’s theme is “Equipping and Empowering for Economic Success.”  The corporation’s mission and vision is to bridge the gap between church and marketplace in the areas of business development; real estate foreclosures; media and communications; debt relief; legal consulting; wealthy women initiatives; and ministry church development along with the gifts of healing, deliverance, miracles, and prophetic impartations.  More recently, Dr. Archibald founded Women in Business
& Ministry (WBM)
designed to empower women in faith- base businesses and in advancing the Kingdom of God through market-place ministry and church expansion outside the walls of the church.  Moreover, Dr. Archibald is the president and founder of P.A.C.K. Pastors Against Cancer Kingdoms Cancer Foundation.  P.A.C.K. was founded in 2010 to assist cancer survivors and award scholarship funds on behalf of the late Pastor Brenda Davis.

 Attorney Archibald has assisted churches, ministries and faith-base corporations throughout the
United States.  Some of the religious corporations Dr. Archibald has legally represented and worked with include:  JGM National PrayerLife Institute, Inc.; New Generation Christian Fellowship; Alliance Defense Fund; Arizona Capital Policy; Christian Legal Society; Spoken Word Ministries, Inc; Help 4 Kids, Ministries, Inc.; Fire & Water Ministries, Inc.; Carpenter’s House of Worship, Inc.; Ravished Heart Communications Ministries, Inc.; Pilgrims House of Deliverance; Beginning Abundant Life Ministries, Inc.; Hope for Life Community Development; Going all
the Way Ministries; Greater Bethel AME Community Development; ; Bible Baptist Church; Rhema House Christian Fellowship; Master’s Touch Ministries; Blood, Fire, & Smoke Ministries; S.W.A.T.(Spiritual Warfare Alliance Team); Phoenix Tabernacle; The Voice of Restoration;  Valley of the Son Ministries; Rhema Christian Center; and many more.

Dr. Archibald hosted radio ministries such as, “Laws of the Marketplace,” “Legal Freedom,”
and “Arizona Legal Focus” on KXEG, KXXT, and 860 A.M. Gospel Radio.

Additionally,  Dr.Archibald is founder of her own publishing company, “Zadok Publishing House LLC,” and has written legal and ministry books for the Body of Christ such as:

  • Apostles,Prophets, and Lawyers:  Legal Keys for
    End-Time Church Ministry Legalities”;


  •   “The New Era of Haunted Houses: Something Wicked this Way
    Comes, The Demonic Spirit of Foreclosure Across America!”;


  • “Help I Can’t Pay My Bills: Understanding the Realms of
    Bankruptcy and the Lord’s Release”;


  • “Economic Survival Prayer Handbook: Prayer Manual for
    Economic Difficult Times”;  and


  •  “Anointed by Hell.”

            Dr. Archibald holds the following degrees: Bachelor of Science Degree in Business- 1989, Arizona State University; Masters Degree of Public Administration- 1994, Arizona State University; Juris Doctorate, Law Degree-1994, Arizona  State University; Doctorate, Christian Psychology-2000, Word Bible College.
Dr. Archibald resides in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the proud parent of a ten year old daughter, who is the prophetic manifestation of God’s Spoken Word and promises.




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